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I have two web shows with regular programming right now. Take a look below and come back soon... the Awakening Extraordinary podcast and Matutine Radio Hour will launch this fall. See a sneak peek of the Matutine Radio Hour in the trailer on the right!

#BETAIN Real Talks - Women in Tech

New Episode Every Week

Where women talk to women about how to empower more women to lead in tech. Co-hosted by Adriana Leonard and Carley Marcelle, the creators of BETA the fictional series about how two women learn how to empower each other to lead in tech.

Matutine #Reimagine Thursday LIVES

New LIVE Event Every Other Thursday

Matutine Thursday Lives mix dialogues with learning to empower change leaders to navigate disruption and serve a thriving humanity. Twice a month meet speakers, artists, and consultants who will help you reimagine where you could go and give you one step you can take today to bring about a better tomorrow.

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