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Awaken the Creative Leader Within

A seven week foundation journey into the new paradigm within you.

  • Started Jun 21
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What sets your soul on fire? What service brings you joy? If you were dropped in the middle of a foreign remote country with $5 in your pocket, could you start over with gratitude, build a loving community, and feel prepared to rebuild it over and over and over again? These are the questions of the new paradigm and the extraordinary that’s possible when we awaken the creative leader within. I help people to set a new foundation in life - since the old one is crumbling (finally). This new foundation helps you to live with joy because you feel clear and capable in your ability to help humanity rise to its potential at "work" and in your "community," by mastering a transformative relationship with yourself. ​You don't need to be Einstein, or Beyonce, or to build an empire. In fact, please no more empires… Get rich and famous schemes are old paradigm traps - intentionally or unintentionally disempowering for all of us. Real brilliance lies ahead.​.. In this journey we look at: The extraordinary big puzzle Your extraordinary puzzle piece Growing the extraordinary basics of a powerful creative leader who can continue to transform and cooperate in ever-changing environments Creative leadership is often associated with organizational practices and innovation strategy, but while this will very much impact your “career” and entrepreneurial development, my perspective goes much deeper into our psychological and spiritual development. My goal is to help you develop a relationship with yourself that will help you to serve with joy, transcend the pain of circumstances, and see ALL events as an opportunity for you (and for us) to transform into something that is more empowered and healthier.

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