The new paradigm of sovereignty and thriving will not be imagined or social engineered by a handful of ambitious men (and women)... who feed (metaphorically or literally) from a sedated, powerless following.

To be a new paradigm, a conscious paradigm that nurtures both individuality and collective prosperity, it must be reimagined together.


Every day.

Freedom is not given. Freedom is claimed. Freedom in its most cosmic, divine sense is claimed when we take accountability for our imaginations, our wounding, and the fear of pain that subconsciously drives our actions and belief systems.

Below please find a list of some of resources I know and trust to be both competent and committed to the highest vibration in the new paradigm work that they facilitate.

If you have recommendations, please email me and thank you!

To y(our) extraordinary,


The Matutine (the moment before dawn) leadership community where we reimagine together will restart after I get the journey and some other content priorities moving. By taking one of my journeys you are automatically invited. 

Below please find a list of some of resources I know and trust to be both competent and of the highest vibration in the new paradigm work that they do. 

To y(our) extraordinary,


Image by Jessica Ruscello


Matutine (ma-chu-teen) is old english.

It means the moment before dawn.

This community is new and intended to support new paradigm co-creators to step into their full leadership potential, share resources and imaginations, and open challenging dialogues.

If you are ready to choose self leadership and start creating space for a new thriving paradigm with other daring spiritual minds and truth seekers from across the globe, in every shade, with a beautiful array of histories to heal and expand then please, let's connect.

The community accepts donation, but is no cost.

It may be dark my friends. Dark outside, and dark within. But the darkness is little more than a teacher - the question is, will we learn or will we continue to abuse ourselves? 
The challenge of the age of disruption will be compassion for the darkness we have both experienced and contributed to together. 
Have compassion, and then find the light within you, and choose to see the light around you.
And the light will expand.
This is matutine. This is the moment before dawn. 


For Spiritual Innovators & Healers

You Are Intuit

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

Personal Development & Psychological Healing

Personal Development School with Thias Gibson


Wholescence Coaching with Dr. Laila Al-Alwan

Trauma Healing & Artistic Expression >> RC Riley

Awakening & Joyful Expression >> Muse & Method with Breean Elyse Miller

New Paradigm Leadership Strategies & Change Resilient Teams >> Hanlie Van Wyk


Leadership & Vibration

The Leadership Revolution >> Brian Cunningham

Trauma Healing 

The Truth That No One Tells Teenagers >> Dr. Matthew McVarish - YouTube talk