y(our) life and y(our) reality is limited only by y(our) imagination

Imagination is often discussed as a fun thing. A cute thing for children, wasteful innovation, and fictional entertainment.

This is not an accident. This is deliberate. This is how we keep people sedated, unaccountable, and controllable.

Because imagination is the superpower of the giants who have created the world you live in today and call "reality."

Imagination is said to be silly and irrelevant by the people with big imaginations who are writing the culture and systems you live in and from which they profit.

If you don't exercise and understand your imagination, you cannot live consciously. Other people, other people's imaginations and the options they create for you, will rule your reality.

When you wake up and you realize...

I don't like who I am, what I do, my relationship with myself and others, my community, my nation, this situation... whatever it is.

The only way you can change it is if you have imagination - a really good imagination.

You have to be able to imagine a better version of yourself, a better version of what you do, a better version of your relationships, a better version of your community, a better version of the situation.

If you can't imagine it as a possibility, you can't change it.

If you can't imagine things differently, you can't do differently.

If you can't use your imagination, you will always be controlled by the imagination of others who understand the power of imagination...

And you cannot live your life consciously.

Activating your imagination will help you to wake up to just how imagined your reality really is.

Conscious living is about choice and self leadership. In order to choose, we have to see other options - other possibilities.

No imagination - no possibilities - no options - no conscious choices.

The experience of y(our) life will always be limited by y(our) own imaginative capabilities.