What does extraordinary FEEL like?

Updated: Jun 10

The extraordinary I speak of is not a thing... it's an experience.

It's an experience of life that is remarkable, unique, and magical. Extraordinary looks different on each of us, but it feels the same.

So let's talk about what extraordinary FEELS like.

We experience extraordinary when we are empowered in our highest creative expression.

We are on our extraordinary path when we are able to be fully, honestly, and joyfully present...

All of the time.

No matter what.

No matter what is happening inside of you.

No matter what is happening around you.

No matter what.

Imagine that... Can you do it? For even a moment, can you do it?

Close your eyes.

Put your hand on your heart.

Breathe in... and out... three times...

Allow yourself to feel nothing but joy in your heart and body for one minute.

Just one minute.

Can you do it or did your mind just give you a bunch of reasons why can't?