"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players."

- William Shakespeare

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A story disruptor's story...

Once upon a time I was a young artist from north shore Chicago suburbia. A curious creative, I wanted to experience everything... so I became an actor to pretend what it was like to be everyone. But the more I connected to others - their love, pain, fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary… the more I connected to my own love, pain,  fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary.

And so I was inspired to go on a quest to understand what extraordinary really means…and how to awaken it.


I practiced for fifteen years as an actor and writer with some of the world's greatest teachers. I started businesses offline and online abroad and in the US. I went to five different universities studying creativity, psychology, international relations, communications, languages, and philosophy - anything but chemistry! I consulted with Fortune 500s in change management and small businesses on marketing. I devoured information on everything from business innovation strategy, to integral therapy, to the nature of quantum and universal laws. I stumbled and fumbled as a human being trying to be a better human being with some degree of stability in life.


I've learned how and why people tell stories from all different faiths, cultures, and governance systems... I've learned how we're the same, how we're different, and why extraordinary begins with disrupting stories and awakening real, transformative power: creative leadership.

Today, I create and collaborate on resources that help guide people to their extraordinary so that they can thrive in chaos and help co-create a new age, a new paradigm of conscious collective empowerment.

Extraordinary is not wealth, fame, or control. In fact, it's that story that keeps us unfulfilled, 

in pain, and trapped in ordinary.

Disrupt your way to extraordinary, my friends. Our future depends on it. 

A note about social:

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Photography by the amazing Edwin Diaz

© 2021 by Carley Marcelle