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Once upon a time I was a young artist from north shore Chicago suburbia. A curious creative, I wanted to experience everything... so I became an actor to pretend what it was like to be everyone. But the more I connected to others - their love, pain, fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary… the more I connected to my own love, pain,  fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary.


And so I was inspired to go on a quest to understand what extraordinary really means…


and how to awaken it.


Beginning as a professional performer at the age of eleven, my "work" quickly expanded over the years beyond the arts, beyond one concentration, beyond any one industry. I've performed on stage and camera around the world, consulted on digital adoption with Fortune 500 companies, freelanced in brand strategy and marketing for over thirty small businesses, partnered in launching two retail businesses, and studied a wide array of subjects at numerous prestigious institutions. I've been blessed to live many lives across five continents obsessed with understanding how people create meaning, why it matters to our future, and what happens when it’s taken away. I play with the puzzle pieces between domains and knowledge, between the individual and the organization, between today and tomorrow determined to disrupt what no longer serves and free the human mind to create more consciously.

I help people awaken their extraordinary and thrive in disruption as an artist, a speaker, a guide, and the founder of the Matutine Network. I'll be launching my first course on redefining extraordinary and how to awaken it this summer. Don't miss it!


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Disrupt your way to extraordinary, my friends. Our future depends on it. 
Much love + strength,
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Photography by the amazing Edwin Diaz

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