About Awaken the Creative Leader Within

This is not a traditional course. It’s an expansion journey. I know that seems like a silly differentiation, but I want to make clear that this will not operate like a typical course with a quiz. This is about igniting both hemispheres of our brain through heart connection and learning in a more intuitive, experiential way - this is a rehearsal space for you to learn, integrate and test a new way of relating with yourself and others. I collage lectures, exercises, and deep dialogue not to give you new information, but to create a space that will help to agitate and allow you to open your heart so that you can listen to your own truth. 

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I offer two services at this time. A group coaching foundational journey and 1:1 creative mirroring sessions. I ask that everyone registers for Awaken the Creative Leader Within first so that we can use common language and get to know each other before.

Awaken the Creative Leader Within invites anyone who is drawn to it and willing to commit to the work for seven weeks. 

My individual creative mirroring is open to anyone. Your first one hour session is an offering. If it's a healthy match for us to continue a collaboration or expansion, we'll discuss at the end.

Read details and sign up for the group journey or your first individual session below.