Once upon a time I was a young artist from north shore Chicago suburbia. A curious creative, I wanted to experience everything... so I became an actor to pretend what it was like to be everyone. But the more I connected to others - their love, pain, fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary… the more I connected to my own love, pain,  fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary.


And so I was inspired to go on a quest to understand what extraordinary really means…


and how to awaken it.

This is a blog about the journey to human extraordinary:

what it looks like, feels like, acts like, and

how to awaken it.

Your extraordinary leadership.

Your extraordinary brand.

Your organization's extraordinary.

Your community's extraordinary.

Our collective extraordinary.

We are each born ordinary with extraordinary potential.

Extraordinary is a choice we make every day, every moment.

Extraordinary is consciously aligning with our potential.

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