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Begins TUESDAY October 5th at 6:00 pm CST

Join me on a whimsical, cosmic exploration of a new paradigm for you... and us.

For all awakening souls who would like some support as they accelerate their expansion and step into their leadership energy.

About the Journey...

In order to realize a new paradigm outside of us,

we have to choose the new paradigm within us. This is a seven week journey into the new paradigm of y(our) extraordinary.


What sets your soul on fire?

What service or contribution to others brings you joy?

Can you relate to anyone and act from love no matter what or who?

If you were dropped in the middle of a foreign rural land with $5 in your pocket, could you start over with gratitude, build community, and feel prepared to rebuild it over and over and over again?


These are the questions and challenges that will be forced upon us in the Age of Disruption and the extraordinary that’s possible for each and every one of us when we awaken the creative leader within.

In addition to a big picture perspective shift on the age of disruption and new paradigm energies, we'll use a wide array of intuitive tools to bring deeper awareness to:

  • Your Humanity Vision & Mission

  • Joyful Service & Reframing "Work"

  • Lifestyle Values & Preferences

  • Deepening Your Creativity & Manifestation Capabilities

  • Group Leadership Orientation

  • Developing a Transformational Leadership Mindset

From astrology, to career psychology, to creative visualizations, we'll be exploring new ways to understand yourself, why you're here, and how to ground your awakening.

Seven Chapters...

Image by Kyle Cottrell


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture, Guided Visualization, Group Dialogue

The Age of Human Disruption & a Cosmic Awakening Accelerates

A conversation on the age of human disruption, consciousness expansion, and how it will drastically impact every single facet of our lives and perception of this world.

Image by Nsey Benajah


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture, Guided Visualization, Group Dialogue

The Great Illusion, a Sedation Matrix & Conscious Storytelling

What is "real?" A conversation on the nature of human reality, cognitive dissonance, and how to find "truth" in a house of mirrors and wide-scale cultural manipulation.

Image by Lesly Derksen


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture & Workshop

Choosing the Path of Integrity - Creative Leadership, Transmutation, & Divergent Alignment

A conversation on cosmic impulses, divergent alignment, and clearing "karma." We'll discuss how to unleash y(our) creative power, and most importantly, why y(our) leadership matters.

Tree in Snow


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture & Workshop

Anchor & Elevate:

A New Way of Understanding You... and Us

A workshop on crafting y(our) north star compass. How to ignite your creative leadership energy, open up to multidimensionality, and use it to practically guide your daily choices.

Image by Darius Bashar


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture, Guided Visualization, Group Dialogue

Creating Space for Transformation: The Self

A conversation and practice session on how to  create space within the self.

Image by Cristina  Cerda


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture, Guided Visualization, Group Dialogue

Creating Space for Transformation: The Collective

A conversation and practice session on how to create space within the collective.

Image by Marcus Wallis


2 Hour Gathering: Lecture, Guided Visualization, Group Dialogue

A New Paradigm Emerges: Thriving, Interdependence & Multidimensionality

A conversation and collective vision session on interdependence, multidimensionality, and what societies could emerge from this new paradigm of being.

Let's Begin...

What is a journey?

This is not a traditional course. It’s an expansion journey. I know that seems like a silly differentiation, but I want to make clear that this will not operate like a typical course with a quiz. This is about igniting both hemispheres of our brain through heart connection and learning in a more intuitive, experiential way - this is a rehearsal space for you to learn, integrate and test a new way of relating with yourself and others. I collage lectures, exercises, and deep dialogue not to give you new information, but to create a space that will help to agitate and allow you to open your heart so that you can listen to your own truth. 

Image by Jessica Ruscello

Register for the next journey

If this journey contributes to your growth as leader and you have financial means, I accept and appreciate donations during workshops or at the end.

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Tuesday October 5th @ 6:00 pm CST