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Once upon a time I was a young artist from north shore Chicago suburbia. A curious creative, I wanted to experience everything... so I became an actor to pretend what it was like to be everyone. But the more I connected to others - their love, pain, fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary… the more I connected to my own love, pain,  fear, and a deep longing to feel something extraordinary.

And so I was inspired to go on a quest to understand what extraordinary really means…and how to awaken it.


I practiced for fifteen years as an actor and writer with some of the world's greatest teachers. I started small businesses offline and online abroad and in the US. I went to five different universities studying creativity, organizational psychology, international relations, communications, languages, and philosophy - anything but chemistry! I consulted with Fortune 500s in change management and small businesses on marketing. I devoured information on everything from business innovation strategy, to integral therapy, to the nature of quantum consciousness and world religions. I stumbled and fumbled as a 21st century human being trying to be a better human being in a modern world that never made any real sense to me.

And then, in 2019, something happened to me that I couldn't explain at the time - I can barely explain now. I thought I lost my mind completely - well in a way I did. Only, when I lost my mind, I began to see clearly for the first time... what extraordinary really means and why we all seek it.

I am an explorer of the human experience, a connector of our ideas, and an unyielding advocate for the creative leadership light within each of us. 

I create and collaborate on a wide array of resources that help each of us to choose extraordinary and co-create new systems and stories that actually support it.

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